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COACHINGUK Level 3 Coach

Tina is passionate about developing peoples’ confidence and giving them a systematic approach that is transferable under all circumstances. She is a huge believer in getting the basics right to have a strong underlying foundation of correct training.

She is constantly developing herself both as a coach and a rider – so can pass this on to her clients. As well as being a BHS Instructor and a UKCC Level 3 Coach, she recently became a Centre 10 Advanced Coach – completing a 6 month course on Applied Psychology in Equestrian Coaching. This has enabled a deeper understanding of motivation, confidence and goal setting. Developing her training to not only be on a physical skills level – but also to go deeper into the riders mental motivation and to help overcome any barriers that may be present.


Riding Lessons by qualified BHS ITina is available for both private and shared lessons at The Tinderbox. Weekends and evening sessions are available around her competition schedule.

She aims to support riders and work with them to build confidence. The basics will always be improved but sessions are varied and fun with lots of homework!

Sessions can be tailored to your requirements, so it is possible to do half flat and half jump to get maximum value. Pole work sessions can also be used as these can be easily replicated at home.

Grid sessions early season get horses and riders going and course jumping both on grass (weather permitting!) and a surface are available. We also have an expanding XC field including ditches, banks, water and lots of ‘skinnies’ so the technical side of XC can be done without extra hire costs.

Prices for lessons are:

  • Private Session: £45
  • Shared session: £35
  • Goal setting and planning session: £35
  • Gift certificates for lessons / clinics are also available to purchase. Valid for 1 year.


Clinics by Tina CantonTina regularly hosts clinics from her base at The Tinderbox. She works with groups of 4 and each clinic has a specific theme. These may be:

Test Riding
Pole Work
Grids Course Jumping
Cross Country Techniques
Cross Country (external courses)

She is also available to teach clinics from other bases and clinics are run throughout the season at local XC courses, including Norton Disney, Grange-de-Lings, Newton and Field Farm Wymswold. These are aimed at all levels with the first groups being for young and green horses and riders wanting to build confidence and establish good basics. The sessions can then progress onto getting ready for your first event, moving up to BE90, BE100 and Novice. They are a great way of having fun with a group of like minded people and learning at the same time.


Prices for Clinics: £25 (groups of 4)


New for 2019!!

  • We will be holding 2-day adult camps at the Tinderbox.
  • Small, friendly, family run camps to cater for all levels.
  • The focus will be on fun as well as improvement in all phases. Maximum groups of 3 to allow for greater development.
  • Sessions will include test riding, grids, SJ courses and XC technique.
  • Free trial of 4DflexiSPORT Rider Gilet included in test ride.
  • These camps will also look at goal setting and motivation to help set you up for the season or to deal with any problems that you have encountered.
  • For evening fun there will be access to the hot tub and a variety of added extras that you can choose from. Come and enjoy some time away with your horse.  These are fully catered camps too – so you can concentrate on what’s important – you and your horses’ development.

Full details of the Adult Spa Retreat Camps can be seen by clicking on below brochure.